Dear Toonies for Change Players:

Every week, out of roughly 600-700 Toonies that we process, (along with some 400 prepays) we get quite a few “irregular” Toonie stickers, which, although they are usually valid and eligible for the draw, they create additional work for our sorters, or, in some cases, jeopardize your chances of winning.

The following handy tips appear regularly in our weekly messages announcing the results of the draw. However, we thought it worthwhile to send them to you all together, so you can help us streamline our process and avoid having your Toonie disqualified!


1.  Don’t play more than one Toonie on a particular number on a particular week.  The draw is made from the list of registered numbers, not from the Toonies played, so you do not improve your chances of winning by playing more than one Toonie on a number.

2.  To play your Toonie, all you need to do is place a sticker on it with your unique number written on it and post it in the box.  You do NOT need to put your Toonie in an envelope.  The envelopes are provided solely to enable you to prepay for several weeks.

3.  If you have a number which, when turned upside down, may be read as another number, draw a line under your number to show which is the right way up.

5. Please only put one sticker on your Toonie.  The stickers are designed to adhere firmly to the Toonie, so there is no need for a sticker on both sides of the Toonie.  This complicates the process of recording which numbers have been played.

6.  Take great care to ensure that the number you write on your sticker is legible and cannot be misunderstood, or read as a different number upside down.  We can’t award a prize to the owner of a sticker we can’t read! We suggest that you write your number on the sticker before you place it on the Toonie, since the rough surface on the Toonie can create writing irregularities.

7.  Remember that you only need to register as a player once, unless you want to play more than one number.  You do NOT need to register a new number each week. Registering and playing a new number every week does not increase your odds of winning, and only results in a waste of registration numbers.  Remember that we draw the number, not the Toonie.

8.  If you have a question or concern, you can contact us through the Toonies for Change website or you can drop a note in one of the collection boxes and we will get in touch with you.

9.  (Not a Helpful Hint!)

Last but not least:  As this great community project continues to expand, we are always on the lookout for volunteers, as either ‘sorters’ or (especially) drivers.  It’s lots of fun and we make donations to each volunteer’s charity of choice.  If you are interested in exploring, get in touch through our website  or drop us a note in one of our collection boxes. We’d be happy to welcome you aboard.